Is the leading publisher of the classic works in the history of medicine.

We offer exact facsimiles of the original classic works, which are luxuriously bound in genuine leather. The picture, below, is of several selections in our Classics of Medicine Library.

Our mission is the preservation of the literary and intellectual heritage of the noble professions that we serve.

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Our Libraries include:

  • The Classics of Medicine
  • The Classics of Surgery
  • The Classics of Neurology
  • The Classics ofNeurosurgery
  • The Classics of Ophthalmology
  • The Classics of Cardiology
  • The Classics of Obstetrics
  • The Classics ofGynecology
  • The Classics of Pediatrics
  • The Classics of Psychiatry
  • The Classics of Behavioral Sciences
  • The Classics of Dentistry
  • The Heirs of Hippocrates